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Recruiting emerging leaders in oncology 2018

By offering a significant  support, the call for proposal "Recruiting emerging leaders in Oncology" welcomes new scientific talents in France to set up their research teams in translational research.

To heighten France's competitiveness and extend its international renown in the field of cancerology, it is essential that the skills already present in the country be strengthened and enriched through programmes that welcome top-tier researchers and help them establish in France. The call for proposal "Recruiting emerging leaders in Oncology" will allow a high-level researcher from abroad to move to France, in 2018, and develop and ambitious translational research programme.

The main purpose of this call is to enable the implantation of new team leaders in French research structures that will carry out translational research and establish their team under the best conditions.

Projects must be in line with the ARC Foundation's scientific strategy for accelerating discoveries, developing new treatments, preventive and therapeutic approaches in the field of oncology with a translational part.

Opening of the call
October 4th 2017
Dead Line for applications
March 20th 2018
Maximum amount
Up to 1 500 000 € / 5 years

"Recruiting emerging leaders in oncology” is aimed at French research structures located within France, composed of internationally renowned teams offering the critical mass necessary to this programme’s ambition and who wish to develop a translational research programme in the field of oncology in the best possible way.

It is expected that the host structures make substantial commitments to guarantee the team and research project the best hosting conditions, including:


  • allotting at least 50 m2 of immediately-operational work space;
  • allotting sufficient human resources given the project's needs;
  • allotting material resources (running costs and small equipment);
  • facilitating access to the site's shared services and technological platforms;
  • providing support for complementary funding requests;
  • Providing a substantial sum to be used at the discretion of the appointed group leader.

"Recruiting emerging leaders in oncology" call is aimed at top-tier researchers recognized for their scientific career and world-class quality, able to form their own team and conduct their research project independently.

  • Candidates must have defended their Doctoral thesis (PhD) between 2001 and 2011.
  • The candidates chosen by the research structure must hold a position abroad as of the opening of the call (October 1st 2017).
  • The candidates must be free to move to France if possible by the end of 2018.
  • The candidates should have well-defined career objectives and are encouraged to participate in the open recruitment competitions for higher education and research bodies in France.

Opening of the call: October 4th 2017

Dead Line for applications: March 20th 2018

Pre-selection: April 2018

Applicant auditions: Mid-May 2018

Notification of the results: June 2018


For any questions and in order to request the application file, please contact us :

by email:

Par téléphone : -


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